Your Creative Kick in the Ass
Weekly photo challenges to help keep you awesome.

Shoot. Tag (#SUAshutter). Repeat.

Shut up and Shutter is a weekly photo challenge started by two photographers, Ryan McGuire and Katie McTiernan, to shut them up about excuses why they can't shoot and to help keep their photography fresh and their shutters clicking. The challenges are open to everyone so if you need a little creative kick in the ass, please join us!

How to participate: Post your weekly challenge picture on Instagram no later than Sunday. Make sure to tag your picture with the challenge number and the #SUAshutter tag. Tagged pictures will appear at the bottom of this website automatically and Ryan and Katie will be critiquing pictures and sharing their process through this journey on the Shut up and Shutter Medium page.

Remember to push yourself with each picture. Go outside your comfort zone and take each picture as if it was your best.

Weekly Challenges:

  1. Someone who you strike up a conversation with and learn something about.

  2. Someone eating something delicious. Brownie points if you catch them with their mouth extra full

  3. Someone making a silly face that makes you smile

  4. A sincere laughing picture

  5. Holding hands

  6. A person making their life harder than it needs to be.

  7. Industry damaging the environment, but maybe made to look beautiful?

  8. Irony or Iron Man. Whichever you find first.

  9. Be Wes Anderson for a shot

  10. Someone creating something

  11. Startled

  12. A scene that could be a dream

  13. First person high-five picture

  14. Caught in the act, the act of anything

  15. Emotionless, staring at the camera, close-up portrait

  16. Dancing

  17. Popped collar (Real or requested).

  18. An interesting picture of the backside of someone's head

  19. Playful

  20. Performing a mundane task

  21. A person you're afraid to take a photo of

  22. People using public space in different ways at the same time

  23. The quintessential cloud

  24. An image of the sky not looking like the sky

  25. Something that produces smoke or steam

  26. A vehicle that doesn't look like it's safe to be on the road. Bonus points if the owner proudly poses with their vehicle

Creative Commitment:

Once you start the half year long "Shut up and Shutter" weekly photo challenge you are committing to sticking with it until the end. If you miss a challenge you need to donate $25 to to support classrooms full of creative kids that are eager to follow through with their creative passions.

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